passion for racing


Joan Lascorz was born on 27/2/1985. He's is piscies and sttuborn, obstinate and follower of his own dreams. Never let something as impossible and his pragmatism has led him to come from the bottom to the top and to reach a spot in the worlds's top motorcycle. He's the second of four siblings. He've a older sister and two younger brothers. He raised up in a humble family, his father run a iron&paint garage and his mother's homemaker and take care of the grandparents and the kids.

Introverted and shy, his behivour is quite and reserved. He always try to avoid the riots and the agglomerations. Individualistic and peace-loving, Joan know that he can learn a lot with the silence and take the opportunity to listen and learn at every moment.

Joan is a pilot with an innate ability to go fast, has demonstrated throughout his life and deeds precede it. But if you want to know how to forge a champion this is the recipe.


Joan Lascorz started running on a motorcycle as a hobby at age of 10. From the hand of his father, with limited means and illusion as gasoline went circuit by circuit just with a car and a "pocket" till where they can afford it.

In his life as a pilot there are 4 stages till now:

Stage 1 (initiation) from 1995 to 2004.Stage 3 (ripe) from 2009 to 2010
Stage 2 (consolidation) from 2005 to 2008Stage 4 (consecration) from 2011 to today


Is the time when Joan enters the racing world. A time ranging from 10 to 19 years in learning how hard it is to the racing world. Start with the illusion of to be a fast driver and with possibilities. He ends with the frustration of having to prove that he is a good driver and has not had the chances that I deserved.


At this stage Disproject adopts him as a pilot and integrating it into the Glaner Castrol Honda's Team in Supersport Championship of Spain of the 2005 and 2006 which takes education and experience necessary in a 4T for go to the World Championship. In 2007 and 2008 Disproject Joan joins the Team Glane Motocard.com with contesting the Supersport World Championship and consolidates his image and guarantee winning driver and professional. He's ready to work with a team that need obtain good results from him.


At this stage Joan joined into the Kawasaki Team provided from Motocard.com. During 2 years he was defending the colors of he brand and he give to them the necessary for the return of Kawasaki to the top of the World Championship and on everyone's tongue.

Finally a fall in Silverstone caused that he ends the championship 4 after of the previsions when he was in the second position with a distance of 8 points of Kenan Sofuoglu. Although being 4 races out of the championship is score allow him ends in the 3rd possition.


Joan signed by Kawasaki for the years 2011 and 2012 and will join the official Kawasaki team in World Superbike Championship. We hope that this is the beginning of his consecration as elite pilot with a long history.

  • 20055th Supersport Championship in Spain. Team Castrol Honda Glane
    3rd Supersport Championship Catalunya. Team Castrol Honda Glane
    3rd 24 Horas de Catalunya (CBR 1,000) Honda Team Motocard.com Glane
  • 20064th Supersport Championship in Spain. Team Castrol Honda Glane
  • 200718th World Supersport Championship. Team Honda Motocard.com Glane
  • 20085th World Supersport Championship. Team Honda Motocard.com Glane
  • 20094th World Supersport Championship. Provided from Motocard.com Kawasaki Team
  • 20103rd World Supersport Championship. Provided from Motocard.com Kawasaki Team
  • 201111th overall position in the Superbikes World Championship. (1st Kawasaki Racer)
  • 2012Abandoned competition in the motorcycle specialty due to an accident at Imola.
  • 2013Inactive in competition
  • 201416th Classified Baja Aragon (4x4 car specialty)
  • 1995Champion of Catalunya of "Pocket Bikes"
  • 1996Not competed
  • 1997Champion de Catalunya d'Scooters 50c.c.
  • 19983rd Clas. Catalunya F1 Championship Scooters
  • 19992nd Clas. Catalunya F1 Championship Scooters
    Some Cup race Aprilia 125 d.c.
    3th 125-Catalunya Championship M.O.
  • 2000Selected to run the 2nd edition of the Movistar Cup
  • 2001One of the 8 selected to run the 3rd edition of the Movistar Cup with (Casey Stoner,
    Julio Simon, Jordi Torres, David Salom, Chad Davis, and John Tiberias). It does not end the year. Alberto Puig I made.
  • 2002Cup runner Supermotard Rieju 50c.c.
  • 2003Championship of Spain of 125 d.c. with Aprilia
  • 2004Masters Champion Honda Supermotard Cup (Honda CRF 450)